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Monday, 14 January 2013

87. "The Big Bang Theory" and its complete lack of humour and intelligence

^ This is not a catchphrase. This is the sound of creative culture crumbling around us.

       This show is awful. Absolutely and genuinely awful. I thought sitcoms were meant to feature comedic situations, not a wealth of ill-informed clichés that are so tired and worn out that any humour and truth they may have held has long since become decrepit.

       What I really don’t understand is the nerd stereotype it portrays – all of them act like Screech from Saved By The Bell - a fairly out of date stereotype when it started 20 years ago. If you’re really trying to parody a modern nerd, my suggestion would be firstly not to hire people who are, for all intents and purposes, completely decent looking except wear glasses – it was blindingly obvious that “Ugly Betty” wasn’t ugly and it’s blindingly obvious that these guys aren’t nerds. If you’re going to stereotype them, at least make them look a bit more like Gabe Newell or something (a reference that anyone involved in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ probably wouldn’t get because it was genuinely nerdy).

       However, the entire show hinges on this really odd nerd stereotype, creating an unforgivable pretence that the jokes used within the show are somehow intelligent; that if someone watching the show actually gets one of the jokes within it, they are by extension intelligent. The jokes are founded on things like science – you have to be smart to get those! Except not really, seeing as it’s nearly exclusively primary school science that is poorly referenced in the show. You know what would be clever? If the jokes were actually funny, rather than just some misguided attempt at “smart people humour”. Smart jokes are brilliant, but never outwardly posture themselves to look smart – that’s what makes them smart. I’ll tell you what isn’t smart though; endlessly making wrong references to geeky things and constantly shoehorning in anything related to GCSE Physics. It’s just cringe-inducing. Bazinga, you piss-wizards.

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