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Monday, 14 January 2013

86. Using the term “Pavlovian” to simply make yourself seem more intelligent than you actually are

^ Pavlov just has one of those faces that says "'sup bitches, I came here to kick ass and externalise your salivary glands in the name of physiology - ya herrrrrd?"

       I don’t dispute for the second that the term ‘Pavlovian’ has its merits and does indeed serve a very valid purpose; within an instant utterance, people familiar with the term get that you’re trying to conjure up the idea of classical conditioning. Fair dos.

       However, what bothers me hugely is when people bandy ‘Pavlovian’ around as a means to make what they’re saying seem more deep and insightful than it really is. It happens all the time in any kind of debate (I say ‘any kind of debate’, but I really mean internet forums because I’m a massive e-nerd) and even work situations. There was a period of my life where I spent about 6 weeks of hearing people utter it in every meeting, every day. A small minority were absolute correct to use it and made brilliant points with it. Others were simply not; they used it without really knowing what it meant in the hopes it would illicit a few nods of agreement from other people in the room. The most depressing fact was that it did. However, when you turn a term like ‘Pavlovian’ in to a thoughtless buzzword, it ceases to have any real impact. Instead, your utterance of the word simply showcases that you’re so devoid of the ability to think for yourself that you have to resort to regurgitating the leftovers of someone else’s wisdom, whittling down their intelligence to the lowest common denominator in an attempt to make yourself look as smart as them. Good work, thickie.

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