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Saturday, 18 August 2012

77. QR codes

This is not what we meant when we said we wanted more interactive toys.Frustrating for ages 1 to 100! 
Submitter: QR code dice game   
^This game sounds about as fun as being punched in a hernia. Courtesy of the brilliant WTF QR CODES.

         Level with me, reader. Have you ever used a QR code? When you look at a poster of any description, usually one of the last things you notice is that pixellated mess in the corner. And when you do, you don't think, "Oh! I should scan that with my phone to find out more!" No, no. You think, "Oh! Looks like Pacman threw up on another poster. He must have a drinking problem." Or something like that.

          They're not even easy to use. First you have to download a QR code reader of some description on to your phone and you have to spend about five minutes painstakingly trying to hold your phone 100% still up to the square blot, waiting for it to read the thing. In the unlikely event it actually works (note to advertisers: QR codes requiring internet access won't work on the Underground), you'll get led to a page that is most likely just the same poster but with extra words. Great. That was a waste of time. 

          However, possibly the worst thing about QR codes are the people who employ them and vehemently insist on their usage. These are always, without fail, people who don't even have the first idea on how to use them - anyone who does know how to use them wrote them off years ago because they're useless. Those who do use QR codes are convinced they're the "norm"; that everyone uses them and that they're the standard way the "yoof" engages with posters. And they'd be right. If it was 2003 and you were in Japan. Do you seriously think anyone in Britain will approach something as novel and pointless as a QR code with anything other than the cynicism of Eeyore having just binged on The Cure? The self-serve checkout is enough, we're not going to start scanning barcodes for fun.

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