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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

69. Other people's opinions

^ This opinion annoys me because, whilst I agree the Beatles are better, the factual inaccuracy and the implicit sense of American nationalism attributed to the band makes me want to smash my head through the nearest glass object.

[Warning: This post contains dangerous amounts of hypocrisy. Having said that, if you're reading this website, you're probably aware that all of these posts are massively hypocritical. The joys of being an internet elitist.]

Opinions are like traumatic and unresolved issues from childhood: everyone's got them and I'll be damned if I ever want to hear about them.

The problem with other people's opinions isn't that they're different from mine - hell, I disagree with myself half the time, which doesn't even make sense. It's that somehow everyone else seems to have an opinion on every banal topic, regardless of their level of experience with it. I'm all for other people's opinions if they're informed, presented with a degree of rationality and are exercised in the kind of context that asks for it (for instance, a friendly debate amongst friends is just about bearable a situation for hearing what other people think). But if these opinions are thrown at me unprovoked and laced with misinformation and idiocy, I'd really prefer it if you kept your mouth shut.

The internet has basically made this over a hundred times worse, however. Reading the news online, all one has to do is accidentally scroll too far past the article to be bombarded with the argumentative witterings of keyboard-warriors who think that they can offer a "unique" and "intelligent" insight into the topic at hand. I browse a lot of music websites and the user comments make me weep for humanity. They are almost exclusively used to bash bands and exercise elitism of taste. What's the point?

I mean, for crying out loud, the internet has given me the very real opportunity to offer up my equally worthless opinions for the world's perusal. The only difference is my presence is arguably less ubiquitous and people can probably quite easily avoid being exposed to my verbal bile should they choose so. I, however, will be continually forced to read all your inane, badly reasoned, ill-informed, misguided, wrong, racist, bigoted, sexist, anti-establishment, pro-establishment, psuedo-activist, pretentious, middle-class punk, white-knight, cyberbully, trendy muso, sheep-like, sheepish, archaeic, arbitrary and horrifically uninspiring opinions on Facebook, Twitter, Google, internet forums, emails, Blabbermouth, NME, streaming websites (I really don't care for your thoughts on the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother and YET THEY'RE ALWAYS THERE),, Youtube, eBay and whatever other pointless fragment of the internet I choose to look at.

Really, I should probably just stop surfing the internet and get a job. That's the real issue here.

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