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Monday, 14 February 2011

48. Valentine's Day

^ 'More Than Words' is unquestionably the most romantic song ever, despite the massive subtext of "I want to get in your pants". However, this song is only good when Extreme do it. No exceptions.

I know what you're thinking. "Oh, here we go. Generic internet-whiner is rambling about Valentine's Day because of its supposed over-commercialism, when in reality they're just bitter because they're alone".

Well, think again. You pissbag.

There's nothing wrong with the over the top commercialism of Valentine's Day. We are, for the most part, happy enough to bastardise events like Christmas and Easter with the never-ending desire to thrust material goods on other people, so why not St. Valentine's? It's only logical. I just want Valentine's to give up any pretence of being romantic, much like we all know Christmas is no longer about Jesus and Easter is no longer about giant pink rabbits who lay eggs.

There is nothing romantic about everyone doing something "romantic" on a set day, every year, without fail. The very nature of being forced to show your affection to someone by an arbitrary calendar date robs the recipient of the spontaneity that is often key to romantic gestures. If you really want to be romantic this Valentine's day, do nothing. Instead, wait for the right time. When you're genuinely bursting with love and need to express it, then do something that displays your actual feelings - not the feelings you've been told you should have by social convention. Don't go to a restaurant / cinema / pub / MaccyD's (delete as appropriate) on a day that is completely meaningless to your relationship. All that will happen is you will be surrounded by other couples who are also desperately attempting to validate their own relationships and fawn awkward conversation about how "in love" they are, further cheapening your false-hope that your Valentine's date will really be something special.

At the heart of it, just take all the pressure and forced emotion out of Valentine's and treat it like any other day. Don't wait for one day a year to show your love - you should show it when you can and want to.

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