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Sunday, 9 January 2011

45. Inception and the people who think it's profound

^ Xzibit nails it once again. Word.

Wow. This is timely. It's not like this film has been out for months. I even saw it at the cinema. Whatever, e-punctuality isn't my strong point. This will contain a light spoiler or two. Nothing major, though.

Inception is an entertaining film - it has some interesting ideas and some impressive special effects. At the very least, it's certainly worth watching at least once for the pretty pictures. What it is not, however, is clever - or, more accurately, as clever as the mindless hordes who loved it think it is. Take a couple of ideas from The Matrix and execute them through a medium as wishy-washy as dreams, throw in Leonardo Decap Attack* and you've basically got Inception.

There are about forty minutes in the middle of the film that are really good viewing - the concept of dream altering has been boringly established and some kind of plot is actually kicking in. We witness the idea of a dream within a dream and the interactions between the dream levels proves an compelling concept. Once you reach two dream layers in though, stop watching. That's as good as the film will get. At this point, the film trips on its own shoe-lace and face-plants in to a pile of fresh bull excrement, getting caught up in its own nonsensically self-indulgent concepts of dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams WITHIN DREAMS WITHIN DREASFSDGDHKSANFASFDBARBARASTREISAND. It ceases to be clever because the relatively unique concept becomes convoluted in an attempt to come off as more intelligent than it could possibly be.

Then the ending. I'm not going to complain that the film was left on a cliff-hanger, that's fine. If anything, there was no way they could resolve the plot-line considering how contrived in idiocy the film had become by that point. What I can't forgive though is how such an open-ended finale gave ammunition to the relentless internet drones discussing the profundity of the film in an attempt to justify their £10 cinema ticket. People were freeze-framing the final part to (look away if you don't want a spoiler) establish if the children were real and if the spinning top looked like it might fall over. Let it go. If you have nothing better to do with your time than callously take apart the last few seconds of a film and examine whether or not the physics of the spinning top show that it might fall over, then you really need to re-evaluate your life. Do you really think the film makers thought as much about the physics of a spinning top as you did? No, because they have lives, a job, friends, family and leave their house on a daily basis. Take a page from their book and shut up about Inception.

*If anyone knows what Decap Attack is without Googling it, they get a biscuit of their choice from me.

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