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Monday, 29 November 2010

33. Tube strikes

^ I have spent over three quarters of my life living in London and I have yet to see this.

So, the London Underground (or "The Tube" as those of us within the accurately titled "Big Smoke" call it) was out of bounds today due to yet another strike. Now, I don't tend to take the Tube very often to travel around, so it certainly didn't affect me on that level of inconvenience. But, whilst I feel that the strikes are inconsiderate at best (I refuse to debate whether or not I think they're justified), my beef isn't with the train drivers (I say drivers, but those things drive themselves - I'm not really sure why there are people employed to witness that). My initial sirloin* lies with the appalling organisation of TFL, who don't see it fit to run more buses to deal with the huge amount of extra bus travellers that occur during a Tube strike. But the ever-so-slightly-unhinged sets of Londoners don't half make it worse.

*23p to who sees what I did there.

Every time there is a Tube strike, London seems to collapse in to some adolescent fury where would-be grown ups throw temper tantrums because of the, admittedly frustrating, process of getting home. Waiting for several buses before one with enough room for you to awkwardly squeeze yourself in turns up is, unfortunately, part and parcel of the striking process. It's annoying, it's aggravating and ultimately, disappointing when you eventually end up on a bus filled to the brim with sour-faced people and screaming babies (such as the trusty 134 I took back today). But never before had I seen a bus driver flip the bird at someone. He was more than entitled to though, seeing as a 30+ woman repeatedly tried to smash the door of the bus down when he was physically unable to let more people on to it. Don't take it personally lady, there's a lot of people trying to get home - God forbid, you have to wait for another bus like everybody else has for the last hour. She's not the only one, mind. I saw a man on Tottenham Court Road repeatedly hit a taxi with some kind of pipe because the driver wasn't letting him in. Well, putting a few major dents in his cab was certainly going to warm you to your charms, wasn't it? I bet you're a riot at parties. Literally.

I understand the annoyance of trying to get home in a timely manner. Really, I do. I had a horrific time on the bus today. Truly terrible. But, despite my relative youth in comparison to the wealth of people I saw throwing their proverbial toys out of the pram this evening, I accepted that it was a bad situation and I would have to deal with it. As did many other fellow travellers who, although clearly pissed off, managed to channel their energies in to not exacerbating the already stressful situation. If there's one thing I've learnt living in London, it's that someone always wants to make the experience worse for everyone else because they're too mentally unable to comprehend that everything won't always go their way. These people should have their Oyster cards revoked.

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