Some things in life serve only to induce rage. No matter how small these annoyances may be, they are never insignificant. 'Rant List' is the chronicle of one self-loathing narcissist's seemingly unending pettiness.

Monday, 20 September 2010

26. Cold reading

^ Hi, my name is Derek Acorah and I make appalling television shows like 'Michael Jackson Séance'. I also look like a greasy owl.

Cold reading is a despicable practice as far as I’m concerned. Often used to falsely convince people that they are communicating with their loved ones who have passed on, it is the epitome of emotional exploitation. If you’re not familiar with it, I suggest you watch this for a very good explanation (it's lengthy, but if you're reading this you clearly have nothing better to do with your life). The people who claim they have this supernatural power to talk to the dead are, of course, pathetically obvious charlatans; their only real skill being that they know how to manipulate an audience of people through the use of deliberately vague language and adapting it quickly should things not go their way. Now, most people in a rational state of mind should, I hope, be able to see right through their crooked game but that’s perhaps the most sinister thing about cold reading. You’re not attempting to manipulate the rational, the ones who’d be able to pick up on your inadequate fumblings in the dark. You’re picking on those who are emotionally drained from mourning and aren’t in the right frame of mind to dismiss your antics. Your shadows and mirrors merely provide horribly false hope that makes your victim's ultimate realisation of closure even more painful.

There’s no shame in trying to provide hope to the empty hearted in need of it. There is however much shame in lying to the vulnerable to line your own empty pockets.

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